Electric power supply

The procedure for the transition of the consumer from ORT to the company "EnergyTrade"

The consumer who made the decision to switch to PNT for the purchase of electricity at a free tariff must perform the following procedural steps:

  1. Sign a sales contract with the energy company EnerdzhiTreyd..
  2. To issue the “Certificate of Consumer Accounting Status” in accordance with the template of the Wholesale Electricity Market, to which applications should be:
        Certificate for a local data collection and processing device (LUSOD) and (or) an automated system for commercial metering of electricity (AMR)
        Protocol of Metrological certification of measuring complexes and LUSOD / ASKUE.
        Passport-protocols for checking measuring hourly complexes (counters, current transformers and voltage).The approved power supply scheme of the consumer, with an indication of the boundaries of the balance accessories and installation sites of meters.
  3. Twenty days before the beginning of the month of supply from PNT, send to PTT (power company) a letter on the need to suspend the contract between the PRT and the consumer regarding the supply of active electricity, and carry out a full settlement with the PRT for the last (current) month of delivery from the PRT.

Evaluation of the economic feasibility of buying electricity at a free rate
To assess the feasibility of buying electricity at a free rate and obtaining preliminary data on the economic effect of switching to the purchase of electricity from the energy company GazEnerdzhiTrade, you need to send us a completed questionnaire. Additionally, for more accurate technical and economic calculations, it is desirable to attach actual data on hourly electricity consumption for any particular calendar month to the questionnaire, according to the template presented:

Requirements for consumers when buying electricity at a free rate
Electricity consumers who are considering working with PNT should meet the following main criteria:

    The absence of consumer debt to the PRT (power company)
    Uniform electrical load during the day, week, month.
    The consumer has differentiated meters and an automated system for commercial metering of electricity (AMR).

The requirements of criteria 2 and 3 are priority, and may in some cases provide for consumer exemptions.

Actual prices

Rights and obligations of the parties to the contract

Rights and obligations of the electricity supplier

Rights and obligations of the electricity consumer

Electrical safety

The procedure for provision of messages about the threat of electrical safety:

The procedure for filing consumer complaints, complaints, complaints and their consideration determined by the normative legal acts, the list of which is posted on this web site, as well as Laws of Ukraine "About addresses of citizens", "On access to public information" and other applicable laws.
Send a message about the threat to electrical safety, LLC "TRADENOMI" you can:
-contact number:(050) 504-50-12,
-sending an email to (hidden) (putting in the subject "Threat to safety")
-during personal visit at the address: Kharkov, vul.Rymarskaya, house.23.

In case of detection of events:

In case of fire appliances, electrical units, immediately disconnect them from the mains, if necessary, call the fire service by phone "101".

If there is dismantling of power lines by persons who are not employees of the Operator of the distribution system, the theft of or damage to equipment, vandalism or other illegal acts should immediately contact the National police according to number "102".

Timely communication about the threat of electrical allows you to quickly react and quickly isolate events that represent a threat to the safety of people, animals, can cause failures in equipment operation or industrial accidents.

Be careful!

Settlement of Disputes

In case of disputes or disagreements that may arise regarding the interpretation and application of the Natural Gas Supply Agreement or in connection with it, or other disputes that may arise during the interaction between the Supplier and the Consumer will be resolved by correspondence, negotiations and consultations

  •  If it is impossible to reach an agreement between the Parties by correspondence or in the course of negotiations and consultations, the Parties have the right to apply to the Regulator or its territorial division and / or refer the dispute to the commercial courts of Ukraine.
  • Dispute settlement by the Regulator or its territorial subdivision is carried out in accordance with the procedure approved by the Regulator. Appeal to the Regulator or its territorial division does not deprive the Party of the right to resolve the dispute in court.

Contact information of those responsible for resolving disputes

Director Manzhos Vadym Andriyovych: tel +38 (050) 5045012

Address: Ukraine, 61057, Kharkiv, street Rymarska, 23

Email: info@etr.com.ua

Hours: 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday