Natural gas supply

The procedure for the transition of the consumer "EnergyTrade"

A consumer who has decided to switch to the gas company EnerfyTrade to supply gas must complete the following procedural steps:

  1.     Sign a gas supply contract with EnergyTrade, for which it is necessary to provide:
          An application for the conclusion of a contract in which to indicate your personal EIC-code and the expected volumes of natural gas consumption for the period of the contract
            A duly certified copy of the document that defines the right of ownership or use of the object of the consumer;
            Copies of documents for the right to conclude an agreement certifying the status of a legal entity, an individual entrepreneur or a domestic consumer, and their authorized person to sign an agreement, as well as a copy of the document on registration with the state tax authorities.
            A certificate (statement of reconciliation of payments) on the absence of consumer’s overdue debts for the supplied gas to the existing supplier, signed by the existing supplier (if any).
        Application-order on the allocation of limits (adjustments) to the volume of natural gas.
  2.     Terminate (or suspend) the contract for the supply of natural gas with a valid supplier and provide a letter of supplier change.

 Assessment of the economic feasibility of changing the supplier
To assess the economic feasibility of switching to the purchase of natural gas from the energy company GazEnerdzhiTrade, you need to send us a completed questionnaire.
When deciding on the transition to supply to a new supplier, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the contract for the supply of natural gas is concluded for the entire expected volume of natural gas consumption required by the consumer as a whole, or by his separate point of commercial accounting, which is assigned a separate EIC code and for a period that is a multiple of the billing period (gas month) determined in the contract for the supply of natural gas.

 Requirements for consumers when buying gas

Gas consumers, in order to conclude a supply contract, must meet the following main criteria:

The presence of the consumer, whose object is connected to the gas transmission or gas distribution system, of a corresponding agreement with the GTS Operator or GDS Operator:
- the contract for the transportation of natural gas concluded between the consumer on a straight pipe and the GTS Operator;
- a contract for the distribution of natural gas concluded between the consumer and the GDS Operator.
Receiving by the consumer, as a subject of the natural gas market, a personal EIC-code from:
- Operator GTS consumer on a straight pipe;
- The operator GDS consumer connected to the gas distribution system.
The consumer has no overdue debt for the delivered natural gas to the existing supplier (if any), which must be confirmed by a written certificate of the existing supplier or an act of reconciliation of mutual settlements made with him.

Rights and obligations of the parties to the contract

Rights and obligations of the gas supplier

Rights and obligations of the gas consumer

General conditions of natural gas supply

General conditions of natural gas supply

Settlement of Disputes

In case of disputes or disagreements that may arise regarding the interpretation and application of the Natural Gas Supply Agreement or in connection with it, or other disputes that may arise during the interaction between the Supplier and the Consumer will be resolved by correspondence, negotiations and consultations

  •  If it is impossible to reach an agreement between the Parties by correspondence or in the course of negotiations and consultations, the Parties have the right to apply to the Regulator or its territorial division and / or refer the dispute to the commercial courts of Ukraine.
  • Dispute settlement by the Regulator or its territorial subdivision is carried out in accordance with the procedure approved by the Regulator. Appeal to the Regulator or its territorial division does not deprive the Party of the right to resolve the dispute in court.

Contact information of those responsible for resolving disputes

Director Manzhos Vadym Andriyovych: tel +38 (050) 5045012

Address: Ukraine, 61057, Kharkiv, street Rymarska, 23


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